As with every critter, the most important step is the inspection. There are three types of distinct squirrels in Upstate, NY and they are all incredibly different. 

they are the gray squirrel, red squirrel, and lastly the flying squirrel. 

Each requires a different technique and process. 


Depending on the species of squirrel in the home, and the type of home there are a myriad of trapping and eviction techniques to use. We want to get them out of the home as quickly, safely and humanely as possible. 


Sealing the home up might be as simple as fixing a single chew in, or a very complicated process requiring new fascia or soffit. The only way to give an accurate quote is to perform an inspection. 

cleaning and sanitizing

After the squirrels have been removed, it is time to get cleaning! Droppings should be removed, and depending on the level of the issue some insulation might even need to be replaced. All of this can be found out during the inspection.