Mouse and rat control


Mice and rats are two of the most common invaders of residential homes and commercial businesses. The first step is a thorough inspection of the property to identify the areas of high activity as well as potential entry points that they are using.

A proper inspection is the number one most important step as this will dictate the process used to rectify the situation.

Intensive trapping

Following the inspection, a thorough intensive trapping process will begin. We trap in all high activity areas with an overabundance of traps to quickly and efficiently eliminate the population in just a few short visits.  


Awesome! we have trapped the rodents out. Now it's time to properly exclude them from the home. Using a variety of exclusion techniques and materials no stone is left untouched as we complete this step. 

Along with sealing the exterior of the home, we pay close attention to sealing the inside as well. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing

The last step in this process is to thoroughly clean the mess the rodents have left behind, particularly in the kitchen, pantry's, and anywhere humans or pets may come in contact with their feces. 

Bi monthly rodent prevention plan

many clients choose to have us perform a bi monthly rodent prevention plan visit after the initial service. Houses naturally settle over time, and this service allows us to constantly monitor the home for openings and gaps that might pop up over the course of time. 

Remember, mice only need about a 1/4 inch gap to get in!