Upstate New York Bat Removal Services

The Bat Inspection

So, you think you might have a bat problem? Whether you were woken up to a bat flying around in your home or maybe you are hearing noises in your walls or attic, Upstate Wildlife Control can help you out!

During the inspection we will identify any potential entry points and provide a full in depth report with our recommendation for how to rectify the bat issue. Bat removal is not an easy job and is best left to a professional that is used to handling these types of animal infestations, like us!

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Offering bat removal and exclusion services in the towns and cities of Schenectady, Albany, Troy, Hudson, Catskill, Amsterdam, Johnstown, Sarasota Springs, Queensbury, Lake George, & Surrounding Areas.

Humane Eviction Process

We want to take special care of our bat population. These animals are incredibly important to our environment and they should not be viewed as simply a pest. Bats will eat an amazing amount of mosquitoes on a nightly basis, providing some of the best natural pest control in the world.

For this reason and more, we safely evict bats out of buildings using humane bat exclusion methods. We should mention that this is not simply our preference, but it's the law. Bats are federally protected and all nuisance wildlife control operators need to be licensed by the state to ensure humane methods are used. 

Professional Bat Exclusion

First we completely seal the structure with only leaving the active entry points open and un-sealed. Sealing the building of gaps no larger of 1/2 of an inch is where most of the work is involved during the bat removal procedure. Once we feel the building is sealed-up of all potential secondary entry points, we then install one-way doors over the points of entry which allows the bats to exit through them safely. 

Final Seal-Up

After the sealing is done and the one-way doors have taken effect, we return in 7-10 days to remove the one-way doors and seal the un-active entry points behind where the one-way device was installed. Given it's the appropriate time of year, we've found 7-10 days is plenty of time to allow the bats to make their way out of the home. If necessary, once the bats are permanently removed we can offer bat guano cleanup as an additional service. We can manually clean the infected areas in the attic & sanitize.