Mole and vole control


In Upstate NY we only get a short amount of beautiful weather to enjoy our lawns. Nothing is worse than having a family party at your house and having mole or vole damage all over the front or rear yard. Although sometimes confused with each other, their damage is very different and they are in your yard for very different reasons.

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Removal Services

At Upstate Wildlife control we are able to correctly identify which critter is damaging your lawn and quickly put in place a plan of action to remove the issue and get your lawn back to beautiful! 

We do this quickly and at a very reasonable cost! 

No Charge Inspection!

There is never a charge for a FREE lawn inspection inside of our service area. We will come out to your home, inspect the damage in the lawn and accurately diagnose the correct nuisance animal and give you an option to move forward quickly and easy to remove the problem. 

Call us at 518-400-0674 for your FREE inspection

Keeping them Moles and Voles away.

After we have removed the Moles or Voles from your property, we can also set your lawn up on an easy affordable maintenance plan to make sure they stay away! Just ask!